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November / December 2015 - Trading hours

During November we will be taking a short break while we recharge and arrange a new line of products. We will be closed between the 23rd November and the 30th November. We will be open again from the 1st December and resume taking orders. However during the 1st and the 8th we will only be running a partial (limited) service for direct parts orders ONLY. We will not be taking technical questions or consulting on builds or build kits during this week. Our normal working hours and service will resume from mid-day on the 9th of December.

November / December trading hours are as follows.

  • Monday the 23rd of November 2015 until Monday the 30th November - Closed
  • Tuesday the 1st December through to Tuesday the 8th December - Limited / Partial service
  • Resume work and open as normal from miday on the 9th December
  • Closed for end of year from the 24th December 2015
  • Resume work and open as normal from Monday 4th January 2016

All orders placed during the maintenance period will be processed as soon as possible once we return to work (in the order they are received). We expect some delays due to the back log of orders that will build up during the week off. It may take several days (or a week) to clear all orders and get back up to speed! During the week or the 1st to the 8th please limit all orders to direct parts orders.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope this short break does not cause our customers any inconvenience!

NEW ~ Daytona SR400FI Ready and SR400 Slip on Mufflers now - In stock
sr400fi slip on muffler

November / December 2015 - New product information

Now available is the Daytona chromed SR400FI slip on mufflers and chromed Slip on mufflers for the SR400 78 ~ 08 (Carbie models).

SR400FI: 2010 ~2015,

New for November / December are the Daytona SR400FI chromed slip on muffler kit. The mufflers are fitted with catalyst to meet gas regs, and they are JMCA rated to pass strict Japanese noise regulations. A gain through the mid range can be seen on the below power graph. No ECU re-setting is required, but the use of a separately purchase centre stand stopper is advisable. Kits comes with the muffler, Bracket set and new joint gasket. Installation is easily done with basic tools. Adds nice deep note to gain the thumper feel! (Currently - In stock).

Price: $639 Inc GST or $580.91 excl. GST (export price).


       *Catalyst installed
       *JMCA Marked
       *Chromed steel
       *No needs resetting ECU

Noise measurement: Proximity: 87dB (A) / 3250rpm, Acceleration noise: 81dB (A)

SR400 Carbie (78 ~08):

Also in stock we have the carbie model version of this muffler. The carbie version is suitable for all SR400 models built between 78 ~08. The carbie version is JMCA rated for noise regs to meet or better the 94dB noise level on std bikes. Like the FI version you will require a centre stand stopper which is available separately in our eng/exhaust section. The muffler can be used on the SR500, but the noise level will vary compared to the SR400. Suits fitment with standard head pipes and can be installed with various aftermarket headers that are suitable.For full details and images of the 78 ~2008 version email us for further details (Currently - In stock).

Price: $395.95 Inc. GST or ($359 excl. GST - export price)

Prices are in Australian dollars. GST is charged within Australia, GST is removed for orders being shipped outside of Australia.

NEW ~ SR400FI Ready Norton Style alloy tank - AND Daytona BSA SR400/500 Alloy tanks are > In stock
SR400FI Alloy Tankl

November / December 2015 - New product information

Norton style polished alloy tanks for SR400FI models are now on the shelf. This is a new and revised version of the long-time selling (SR400) Norton style tank. Out of the box the tank will be ready for the SR400FI, no fuss, no extra fabrication required. At the moment this is the only FI tank option available. As for the carbie version of the Norton tank, you will need to go for a short seat with this tank. We can supply several suitable seats. Details for seat kits and battery relocations kits will be available when you contact us to order one of these tanks. The tank will be supplied with a high quality Monza style cap to finish the tank off nicely.

Keep in mind this tank can be used for traditional cafe racers or mild and wild customs. As expected this tank is a high quality product made in Japan.

BSA style polished alloy tanks are now in stock for the SR400/500 "carbie" model". These tanks suit '78 ~ 2008 SR400 and '78 ~ 1999 SR500. If you are looking for a larger alloy tank as opposed to the smaller custom tanks, the BSA style might be what you are after. These are a high quality tank, made in Japan by Daytona. The BSA style tank can be fitted with a range of seats, including the Nitroheads Cafe seat. The BSA style tank is a direct bolt on option. As it can be used with standard length seats it is an attractive option. Generally there is a lead time of several months on these tanks. If you want to avoid the long wait you can buy now from VANEM - directly off the shelf. Like the Norton style mentioned above, this tank can be used on cafe racers, customs or in a manner that you like.

The BSA style tank is supplied with a high quality Monza style cap with keys, and required fittings to make installation easy. (Note: The BSA style is not available for the SR400FI, carbie model ONLY!)

Enquire directly via email for details and pricing for both styles mentioned above.

sr400fi_alloy tank_norton style SR400_SR500_BSA style alloy tank
POSH SR400 TZ replica top bridge

JUNE / JULY 2015 - New product information

The new TZ replica Top Bridges from POSH for the SR400 (03 ~ 08) and the SR400/500 (94 ~ 02) are now available and ready to order. The top bridges are made in Japan and suitable for customers looking for a high quality top bridge with a precise finish. POSH have captured the styling of the TZ250 from the past for today's cafe racers and customs of new. The top bridges are available in three colour options for the above mentioned year models, with the silver version available in silver anodised finish or silver ano with a shot blast finish. The top bridges are sold as a set and will come supplied with the ignition switch bracket and all of the required spacers and bolts for quick and easy installation. The ignition switch bracket is specific to the various year models (due to the later model Immobiliser unit being different to the older bikes) - so ensure year model details are quoted correctly at time of order. Note: The bracket for the ignition switch comes as supplied in black (as shown).

Mounting of the original gauge set is possible. For custom applications this also means spacing for existing aftermarket gauge brackets should also be ok, but please check with us in advance - depending on your set up there may be differences. To finish the set nicely stainless bolts are included to help keep a clean look.

VANEM has now also arranged some nice alloy top bridge nuts for the late model bikes. These will go online very soon along side our machined alloy top bridge bolts. The addition of the machine alloy nut / bolt will be a perfect match to compliment a new top bridge. For those wanting to use alloy fork top caps, we have rubbed some back to a hairline finish (with Scotchbrite) which worked well to match with the silver anodised finish.

Colours available.

  • BLACK (anodised) with a shot blast finish
  • TITAN (anodised) with a shot blast finish
  • SILVER (anodised) with a shot blast finish
  • SILVER (anodised)

FAQ: Will the 03~08 T/B fit the FI model? A: We believe it will be fine, at this stage we are yet to confirm the fit on an FI model, however our other top bridges made for 03~08 models has been used without issue on the FI model (10~15) so any differences will be minor.

Details and pricing to be in our store very soon, however feel free to order now via email as the top bridges can be ordered straight away.

Click first two images below for a larger view.



We would like to thank all of our valued customers for their continued support during 2014 and we wish you all the best for 2015!

New Year / Festive season trading hours are as follows.

  • Thursday 1st Jan 2015 - Closed
  • Friday 2nd Jan 2015 - OPEN
  • Sat / Sun - Closed
  • Monday 5th Jan through to Friday 9th Jan - Closed
  • Sat / Sun - Closed
  • Resume work and open as normal on the 12th January

All orders placed during the holiday period will be processed as soon as possible once we return to work (in the order they are received). We expect some delays due to the back log of orders that will build up during the week off. It may take several days (or a week) to clear all orders and get back up to speed! We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Have an order in progress already?

Unless we have advised otherwise, all orders in progress will remain as advised directly at time of the order being made. .


DECEMBER 2014 / Jan 2015

Over the last six to eight weeks many new parts have arrived in preparation for our 2015 range. A short intro to some items will appear here in our news section during January others will go directly online. For 2015 build kits aimed at making your build as easy as possible will be available. The kits will also offer a more competitive price for those buying multiple "related" parts all at once. The kits will be available for SR400/500 carbie models (all years) and also for the SR400FI.

W650/800 build kits will also be introduced at a later date, however some of the minor kits will show up in the W650/800 parts section in the near future.

Norton style Alloy tank: In the mix of the latest parts to be released in 2015 is one of the most welcomed parts of the year, the Norton style polished alloy tank for SR400FI models. This is a new and revised version of the long-time selling (SR) Norton style tank. Out of the box the tank will be ready for the SR400FI and like the carbie version a short seat will be required for use, details for seat kits and battery relocations kits will be available at the time of ordering.The tank will be supplied with a high quality Monza style cap to finish the tank off nicely. Keep in mind this tank can be used for traditional cafe racers or mild and wild customs. Early indications show it to be highly sort after. As expected this tank is a high quality product made in Japan.

Release date: The first batch is scheduled to be ready for the end of Feb 2015 with a March release (current ETA). At the moment we have a lot of interest for the limited stock that is available from the first production run. Therefore we are advising interested parties to get in contact with us early to ensure they secure a tank.

To secure your tank with a pre order now or to enquire about the finer details email: (serious enquiries only please).


DECEMBER 2014 / Jan 2015

NEW POSH stainless megaphone exhaust system!

The long awaited W800 / W650 PCM megaphone exhaust system is now available. Constructed with an upswept design this system will suit owners with café racers and custom builds as well as stock bikes. Pictured here above on a standard (ish) W800, however the styling has been well thought out so this system is equally at home on cafe racers and customs! The stainless silencers are 98mm at the largest section and work their way forward to the supplied stainless headers. The silencers can be removed for work on the rear wheel area and the the OEM engine guard and centre stand are also able to be retained.

The system is fitted with catalysts to meet and pass the stringent Japanese emission tests and many hours of work have been done to also pass noise regulations while retaining an improved exhaust note that many W800 owners will appreciate. (JCMA certification is supplied). For use on the W650 the O2 facility will not be used (blocked off). There are many systems on the market, however very few pass regulations. If you are looking for a stainless megaphone system without the hassles of non complience, that is a dedicated W650/800 system this quality kit is what you need. Made in Japan.


  • W650 when mounted (proximity volume): 92db
  • W800 when mounted (proximity volume): 91db
  • Ride by - noise level under acceleration: 81db
  • Meets 2006 ~ '19 Japanese emissions regulations & ~ 2010 Japanese noise compliance
  • Japanese regulation “emissions inspection certificate” is included - (however it is written in Japanese)

Delivery costs and current pricing details for interested parties can be discussed by emailing

SR400 FI (Fuel Injected SR) - PARTS NEWS
fuel injected SR Japan

MAY 2014

For the last few months enquiries from all parts of the globe have been coming thick and fast. Our first fuel injected (FI) SR build kits and parts have already been shipped to customers in the US, Europe and Australia as we speak!

So what can you expect in terms of parts? We will be releasing a new SR parts section online with dedicated FI version parts, that will fit in with our renewed website. We have had FI parts being shipped in since late last year. 90% of these arrived some time ago and have been waiting on our shelves. We will be ready to launch the new parts section online very soon and we have some items in development for later in the year.

As you may have noticed there is some info at the top of this page and others about the website renewal. With over 4000 new images taken and extensive details being edited, it is going to be the biggest change we have done. So thank you for your patience until the pages are completed.

We will have most bases covered for the FI model parts with a range of quality tried and tested Japanese made parts on offer. We are sure you will find something of interest, but if you don't find it in our range (once released) let us know and we might be able to help with alternatives. We expect a flood of overnight experts to hit the SR market with lots of hype, so we will gauge how demand goes for now.

At this stage the range will include parts for cafe racers, trackers, various custom builds and service items. We have too many parts to list here so keep an eye out for further updates and images soon.


Q1. Do you have seats for the SR400FI version yet? Answer: Yes, we have seats available that are FI ready. Want one now? Email us to order!!

Q2: I want clip on bars as I really love cafe racers. Does Vanem stock them? Answer: Yes, full front end kits are available & ready! (All items in stock).

Q3: I heard kick starting bikes is hard, will I be able to start the SR? Answer: Yes, easy as. Don't listen to old timer stories, many improvements have been made over 35 years, so the new bikes are extremely easy to start. With a bit of practice you will be a pro in no time.

Q4: I don't live in Australia, can you send parts to me in the USA and to my mate in Europe? Answer: Yes, no problem! We have parts being shipped from Australia daily. We can often source the hard to get parts that seem to be always out of stock for others. Prices for export are without GST (no tax) so for export pricing just ask. The renewed website will have pricing to support export and local sales.

Stayed tuned for the next FI update coming soon!

Daytona Velona gauges "Black" and "Polished"
Velona gauges

APRIL / MAY 2014

We now have available a new version of the Daytona Velona polished electrical gauges, they have an updated face with a 200km/h dial instead of 140km/h dial. We added the Black speedo to the range (as shown above). We have been selling the Velona range of gauges for several years now (mostly to W650 owners) who can directly wire the gauge to the W speedo sensor. Now we have a range of pulse sensors and pick up options which means a greater range of bikes can use the gauges easier (universal 12v use). Pulse sensor range (0-5v).

Accessories include pulse sensors for Yamaha Disc and Drum brake type Speedo drives (SR/XS/TW > disc and drum versions). Then for all others we have proximity sensors and we will soon add a universal pulse sensor that fits an M12 standard Japanese type Speedo cable (handy for older Honda & Kawasaki builds, and others such as Triumphs). Temp sensor can be bought separately to enable the temp read out on the the tacho LCD, and several fitting that accept the temp sensor are available (sump drain type). Handlebar mount toggle switches will be added soon (for scrolling the LCD) - this is handy if gauge is fitted in the CEV type lights.

These gauges look great in the CEV headlights and also as a stand alone fit up. The gauges are a low body (only 45mm high) to keep styling minimal. The specifications are below. Info here is just a guide, some details may vary between gauge models so we will forward relevant details at time of purchase. Expect to see the full range of gauges and accessories online (in the W650 section and in the new Universal parts pages).

Note: Gauges are designed for 12 volt use only, they are not suitable for bikes with battery-less systems (capacitors), or 6 volt bikes.

Size: dia.60 x 45mm (height) *same as current VELONA
Housing: stainless steel (polished) + new black (painted) option
Buttons: 2 buttons at the bottom of housing
Display: LCD
Backlit: white LED

Speedometer, ($144.54 ex GST) - $159 incl. GST
Speed: 0-200km/h or 0-200MPH *unit selectable
Odometer: 0-99,999km/mile (NOT resettable)
Trip 1 and Trip 2: 0-9,999.9km/mile (resettable)
Clock: Yes (AM/PM), Volt meter: Yes
Calibration for different wheel sizes: Yes
Speed sensor: NOT included buy separately to suit or hard wire
Bracket: V-shaped bracket included
CE & E-mark: yes

Tachometer, ($135.45 ex GST) - $155 incl. GST
RPM: 8,000
Maximum rpm function: Yes
Temperature gauge unit: Yes (0-200 C or 32-39 F)
Clock: Yes (AM/PM)
Hour Meter: resettable (max: 9,999 hours 59 min)
Bracket: V-shaped bracket included.
CE & E-mark: yes
Note: Please buy temp sensor and fitting separately (in stock)

SR400 FI - Fuel Injected SR - WELCOME
fuel injected SR Vanem

APRIL / MAY 2014

By now this is old news for Europe and the USA but for Australia the fuel Injected SR is just about to be released by Yamaha Australia. Sales are yet to kick into full gear, so day by day the news of the SR400FI is reaching new prospective owners. If you are new to the world of SR's please check this link from the Yamaha Australia website >> here or talk directly with your local Yamaha dealer. For rest of world check your regional Yamaha dealer network in your relevant country. Yamaha worldwide has done a great job in getting the information out and there is some good reading about the history of the big single to be found on the Yamaha EU site >> here which is worth the read!

The return: It is great news to finally see the SR return to the rest of world market. For us at Vanem, after helping thousands of customers with the best SR parts available, advice and tech support to customise & restore their SR's, obviously we (like many fans) are very happy for the return of the SR into the main stream (after all it is what we do, day in day out, all year round (not to mention the many late nights and weekends)!

For new owners or prospective owners welcome. We hope to hear from you in the future and we know you will love discovering why the SR has cult status in Japan and why it is one of the most widely used bikes for tuners and customisers worldwide. Over time we will offer more of what we have discovered over the years through images and information that we have in the volt - collected from dozens of trips to Japan in pursuit of the SR kingdom.

We were one of the first shops to start supplying Japanese SR400/500 & W650 custom parts on mass outside of Japan way back in 2004. It actually took a few years to convince suppliers to export the SR parts to us (at that time they were only sold in Japan). Our first SR was obtained in 2002, when parts were harder to obtain, sales were slower & bikes were cheaper. Reality is, seeing SR's on every corner was still just pipe dream back then. Fast forward to 2014 & times have changed, the SR is in demand on our shores and the street bike scene is now alive. To keep up with the demand now days we have fantastic suppliers from one end of Japan to the other, in Germany and elsewhere that we have forged long partnerships with.

Later this year we will celebrate our 10th year of SR support. During this time we have got to know thousands of customers from all over of the world, and we now have a large customer base that is worldwide. We have closely helped customers and shops build some great bikes in every major city of the globe, and we have customers in places so remote we have asked they got an SR there. Many of these bikes have graced the pages of magazines and featured in well known online motorcycle sites and blogs.

If you are just discovering the world of SR400/500's, you can be assured that the underground movement of the SR has been alive and well for many years, and in recent years the popularity has been higher than ever. The FI model offers a slightly different experience to the older bikes, but none the less exciting. Once hooked with these bikes you will try to never leave home without it. You might change the style of the bike several times over the years, you might jump in and covert it to a 603cc monster, and at some stage you may even make the mistake to sell it. But like many you will regret it and come back for another one!

If our experience is anything to go on, we expect to see a new generation of SR fans start to emerge, we hope you join them.

DAYTONA Goat skin leather gloves. New styles now available for 2014.

MARCH 2014

The Daytona goat skin leather slim fit gloves (perforated classic Brown) are now available. Featureing a rear slit to allow free movement and avoids bunching of the glove. The classic styled perforated gloves (without knuckle protection) have a standard fit and are available in black. For those with a larger hand we have a new full protetctive glove with extra strap and extra protetction on the fingers and wrist (not shown).

To check the full range of styles and sizes we will have a new riding gear page available soon. We will also be adding more items to the ride gear section in the coming months, so if the gloves are not for you, check back at a later date.

Options available now: 1. Black perforated protetctive (M / L), 2. Vintage Brown, now updated & available in a perforated version (M / L), 3. Black classic glove, standard width and sizing (no knuckle protection M/L) 4.Yellow/Tan with black indent and trims, (M / L) 5. Full length protective type glove (XL only), 6.Black protetctive goat skin leather gloves, not perorated (M only) - Prices start from $62 Inc. GST, ask for details and size chart.

Introducing FORK Co. cast alloy parts for W650, SR400/500 & Triumphs

MARCH 2014

We are now able to anounce we will officially distribute parts made by Fork Co. Japan. Notably the W650/800, SR400/500, XS650 range. We will also have several Triumph unit twin parts and universal items such as heat guards for high end builds. The line up we will offer includeds bevel gear covers with the W1 style Kawasaki "W" logo (for W400, W650 & W800) and then complimentry carbie dress up items for the Kawasaki W650.

As well as the Kawasaki items, we will have custom designed oil filter covers for the SR400/500, points covers for the XS650 and ignition covers for Triumph. Fork are well known for their craftmanship, their cast alloy parts have made their way onto well know HD based builds in Japan and the US and their air cleaner covers feature widely on street and show bikes. They are based in Tokyo and known through out Japan regulary attending customs bikes shows.

For more details head to our new Fork Co. parts selection loaded with cast alloy goodness >> here <<

All parts are in stock ("genuine" trade inquiries welcome - minimum sales terms apply).

DAYTONA Vintage headlights, now available.

MARCH 2014

We have re-introduced CEV replica headlights (aka - the vintage headlight). This is an old favourite from Daytona that was a hit seller back in the day when we sold them between 2005 ~ 2010. Due to demand they have now been released once again. The top of the light has a hole for the gauge to be mounted within the light (60mm). This makes for a clean dash area and gives the bike a real vintage feel. They are also equally at home on custom builds. The black light can be re - painted to suit your colour scheme if so desired.

The lights have a H4 60/55w globe (12v), and are fitted with a quality Japanese made lens. Bolts, spacers and lower grommet for the wiring are supplied.

To complement the headlights we also have a range of related parts to make fit easy and perfectly matching. This includes Speedo's in mechanical and electrical versions (NEW electric gauges online soon), as well as Tachometers if you like to watch your rpm. The gauges can be held in place easily with a "U" bracket. We have the U brackets available for the mechanical gauges at present, and the low body version for Velona gauges are on the way soon (or you trim to suit the ones we have now).

Finally we have stainless headlight stays. Again these are a remake of the original "DAYTONA" designed stays. They are available in 35mm angled, 35mm straight, 39mm angled and 41mm angled. This gives scope for the lights to be fitted to a wide range of bikes, including the SR400, SR500, W400, W650, W800, Triumphs & HD models using 39/41mm size stays (Bonneville / HD XL etc), not to mention many more (Honda CB/GB and so on)..

Note: To fit the electrical type speedo's, we have pulse converters and proximity sensors available in several configurations, electrical gauges can be hard wired on some models (directly), for example > the W650.

Pricing is now more attractive than in the past. Headlight introductory price for current stock is $189 Inc GST, (the light stays and accessories price list will be online soon).

All parts are in stock and available straight away. Genuine dealer enquiries welcome - *however minimum sales terms apply for dealers.

NEW - SR400/500 Cafe seat - trim design variation

MARCH 2014

The SR cafe seats need little introduction now days, they are a common favourite for SR owners everywhere (for good reason). We now have available a new version which has a slight update. The newly styled seat has some subtle difference, to the eye it looks the same as the older model, with fewer studs. However the new version shown here has extra pleats that are closer together, then the edge is trimmed (piping) to emphasis the shape. And finally the studs have been limited to the rear arch only.

This will appeal to customers who don't want a fully studded seat. Overall the small changes enhance the custom feel and allows the seat to be fitted on a wide range of bike styles. We have now received stock so seats are available for delivery straight away. Pricing and further images available soon (within the SR chassis section).*Interested now? email us directly to order.

Note: the seats we sell are genuine articles from the original designer / manufacturer (*not copy / re-productions that are being sold elsewhere).

NEW Waffle grips (22.2mm) & Amal style grips (now in 25.4mm size).

MARCH 2014

New waffle grips 22.2mm seen here on the right hand side of the image with end caps ($36 Inc. GST). The new waffle grips are available in black and Gum/Brown, they are supplied with chromed (plastic) end cap. They have an open end so are ideal for use with bar end mirrors, or bar ends (available separately in store).

On the left are the Amal style grips ($39 Inc.GST for the 25.4mm size) and ($36 Inc.GST for the 22.2mm size). For the 25.4mm size, the colours available are Black or Gum/Tan. The Amal style grips in 22.2mm we have sold for quite a few years now, however we will now stock the larger size which will soon be added to the new universal parts section that is under construction. All grips are in stock, details will go online in the near future.

Until the grips are online, email us directly to order (via email). Or check our range > here < for other styles.

international customers ordering news contact

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